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mein Windows Waschzettel

by Claus Ebert

initial Version (0.1a)

Interresantes, nützliches ... was man(n) so brauchen kann


1. Allgemeines

1.1 Umlaute auf nicht deutschen Tastaturen

Umlaut Alt-Code
Ä 0196
Ö 0214
Ü 0220
ä 0228
ö 0246
ü 0252
ß 0223

1.2 Tastaturkürzel

TastaturKürzel Desktop und Allgemein
Shift-F10 Brings up same menu you get with right-click
Shift while inserting CD-ROM Bypass autoplay
F2 on selected item Rename
Ctrl-Esc-R-.-Enter (enter a full stop in the Run command line) Opens your desktop folder (containing all folders and shortcuts currently on your desktop)
Win-D Go to Desktop
Ctrl-Esc, Alt-M or Win-M; Minimize all windows
Alt-Esc (continue pressing Esc) Shifts keyboard focus to next open application
Ctrl-Esc; Win Start menu
Ctrl-Alt-Del Close Program dialog (with access to kill tasks or shutdown)
Win-Break, Alt-double click System Properties
Shift-Del Delete bypassing Recycle Bin
Win-E Explorer
Print Screen Copies entire desktop to clipboard (can paste into a paint program)
Alt-Print Screen Copies active window to clipboard (see above)
Win-R Run dialog
TastaturKürzel Explorer
Right arrow/left arrow Open branch/close branch
Numeric key pad asterisk/numeric key pad minus Opens all branches below current selection/closes everything under current selection
Any printing characte Moves to next item in tree that starts with that character
Backspace Move to parent folder
F3 or Win-F Brings up Find (works everywhere, but also in Explorer where it fills in the current folder as the search path.)
F4 move to Address drop down list
F5 Refresh (file listing, for instance after you created a new file while the folder was open)
Alt-Enter Properties for files or folders
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